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    Analysis of food safety concept
    Date【2014-12-26 17:23】 Total reading:【】次

     "Hunger breeds discontentment", food safety is directly related to the health of everybody. Food safety is the topic of daily life are filled with talk of space. What kind of food is safe, people eat food? Is the content topic are most concerned about the current public and government. Here involves three and food safety related concepts. One is food qualified, two is the food safety, the three is the food safety. In the work we are understanding of food security is not very uniform, to work caused a lot of passive, through the analysis of some concepts, let us better understanding of food security, better to perform supervisory duties.

            Qualified food concept of the most common and most easily identify. It refers to food quality accords with the relevant provisions of the state, its quality parameters meet the standard requirements. Parameters typically contains quality physicochemical indexes and microbial health index. Release food supervision departments at all levels of food information most are reflected in the concept of. After in conformity with the relevant regulations and standards of the state detection, then the food is qualified.
             Food safety and food compliance of different. The international organization for Standardization in the food safety management system standard ISO22000-2005 definition of food safety is such a requirement, food safety (food safety) is a kind of food in accordance with the intended use of the preparation and (or) concepts do not hurt consumers eating. Food safety and food safety hazards related to, but not including other and human health related aspects, such as malnutrition. While the food safety hazard (food safety hazard) refers to the presence of biological, chemical or physical factors contained in food have potential adverse effects on health or food situation. The State Quality Inspection Administration promulgated the "food production and processing enterprise quality and safety supervision and management measures" provisions interpretation of food safety is such evaluations, food security in a broad sense is "food when the food is completely free from harmful substances and no microbial contamination", in a narrow sense is the "long-term edible in provisions use and dosage conditions, without adverse reaction observed for eating". Adverse reactions include general toxicity and specific toxicity, including incidental ingestion caused due to acute toxicity and long-term trace intake caused by chronic toxicity. In other words, in general that will produce all kinds of material control hazards in the acceptable range of food is safe to human health.
             The first condition to judge whether any food safety must stipulate that discrimination of food safety assessment system and corresponding judgment index. The type of content includes at least harmful material source, distribution of harmful substances in all kinds of food, for the general population intake of certain foods will not be a large number of daily adverse effects or adverse effect of weak etc.. And these need to study and analysis the pathology toxicology, deep, can be scientifically determined. At present, our only request made some limited standard of pesticide residues in mycotoxin, fields according to the general international food safety, the content is not complete, and have not formed a relatively complete food safety standards and evaluation system. Then the qualified food and food safety in the end what is the relationship. From the analysis of concepts, conformity is a compliance determination. If the compliance criteria is replaced by the food safety standards, then this class meets is food safety. If compliance criteria only existing quality standards or the standards of hygiene, so this kind of meet is the quality qualified or qualified health.
             The two internal relations, the author thinks that the quality of the food should be safe, but it is not equal to the absolute safety. Substandard food and equivalent to unsafe food, need further experimental research between the gap gradually clear. At present in the actual work, follow the risk minimization principle will be substandard food in accordance with the food safety disposal.
             Quality of food should be safe. Because the quality of qualified health indicators and microbial indicators include food additives, heavy metals and other physicochemical indexes at present decision. The index reflects the objective scientific control on human health of hazardous substances, comply with the quality standards of food should be safe. But quality is not equal to the absolute safety. First, because of the scientific cognition level, there are some potential hazard source and is not found or not fully understood, therefore, the existence of opportunities for improvement of existing evaluation quality qualified products standard system.
             Second, determine regulations for food qualified involved and the standard lot, food inspection institutions may not be over, all the detection quality parameters all therefore, in the detection of actual work in addition to the provisions of the relevant food standards testing items in the outside, there are a number of projects is actually based on the testing personnel to be carried out to determine food quality performance inspection experience, this type of index is mainly reflected in the food additive. Some people may not understand this behavior. For example, the GB27 60 "food additive use of health standards" in the provisions of the requirements for thousands of different kinds of additives. It uses a range of each type of additive and dosage are clearly defined, beyond the scope of use or to allow more than adding amount will be regarded as not complying with the standard. Any food testing laboratory may not detect all of the additives in food. The laboratory will usually choose some commonly used additives were detected, which with laboratory experience to produce correlation. Food testing laboratories experienced possibility of wrong should be smaller.
            Third, quality inspection is the conformity inspection based on standards, the results did not exclude non conformance. That is to say, in the inspection process is not listed on the standard substance and even harmful substances were detected, such as found in chili sauce products "Sudan red" case is the case. Therefore, from this point of view, the quality qualified food also can not be simply equated with it is safe.
            Now there is a behavior, the customer only requires laboratory tests were carried out on the part of the food index. The detection mechanism in accordance with the relevant requirements of the laboratory management, for some non full project detection of food, will be in the detection report items seized whether it meets the requirements, rather than a general written as qualified products. Qualified quality and seized by the project meets the requirements of the two differences, draw attention to.
            Although quality is not identical with food safety, but be sure to say, can meet the quality requirements especially whole project detection according to the present standard system of food science and technology, in the current cognitive conditions should be safe. Moreover, the latest achievements of China's food quality standard system is constantly absorbing the development of science and technology, in the right direction for the adjustment and perfection. Food additives detection problem mentioned above, the governments at all levels attach great importance to the work of food safety and put in a great deal of construction of food inspection agency, in recent years the food inspection agency hardware construction and detection capability has a significant improvement, especially in the detection of food additives, additives for routine use have been into the regulatory perspective, and the laboratory also has the ability to discriminate.
            Substandard food is not safe? This is not. The above mentioned to judge whether the food safety standards are standards for food safety, since this standard is not complete, it can be a simple conclusion? Certainly not. Because of the complexity of the establishment of food safety standards and long-term, comprehensive strength and the scientific research foundation, the national food safety standard system relied on investment, the experimental data accumulated for a long time and other factors, to a scientific and complete food safety standards system almost impossible to form in a short period of time. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, security needs are physiological needs (second only to the most basic requirements for the survival of human beings to maintain the low-end demand). With the continuous development of national economy and society, the social public demand for safety has become a big social background and basic demand, in suffer all kinds of food safety incident, the public asked the government for food safety evaluation standard of the demand, when the contradictions such demand and safety evaluation standard shortages, food standards existing behoove to be as food safety standards for the use of. Quality safety has become synonymous with quality unqualified, poisonous rice, poisonous milk and other kinds of toxic food comes on stage in succession, further arouse the public on food insecurity. But objectively look at the quality of unqualified, can get certain conclusion is the fact that the product quality inspection do not conform to the relevant standards of the state. As to whether the toxic, have how old harm need toxicology experiment data to illustrate the validation of the human body.
             Because of food safety and food qualified concept cognition is not unified, thus causing a lot of unnecessary misunderstanding and even work dilemma. In addition to the front of the public to the food trust degree reduced, another problem troubled food supervision is the quality of unqualified food after processing. Food supervision departments for supervision and spot checks found in all kinds of substandard food processing is more passive. General products, substandard quality but still has use value and meet the safety, hygiene requirements, according to the "product quality law" relevant provisions of article twenty-fourth expressly sales. While the current frequency in the media all kinds of food additive exceed the standard or low value detection, is applied to food insecurity forced Chegui and destroyed. Due to the lack of scientific assessment and technical reference data of unqualified food and program currently unqualified food processing is relatively simple, the administrative departments also unclear risk specific in what level, should take what kind of values as safety control limit, have to adopt a cautious approach to destroy it. Some even so some moisture content exceed the standard problem, also called for the destruction of, this is really hard to give an explanation on the technology rationality.
              The public awareness and understanding of food safety if stay at this level, rather than the objective and rational to understand security, even if the government put more resources, also can only be effective. Some consciousness is established, it is difficult to be changed or will have to pay a higher price. Therefore needs the media help regulatory authorities to let the public have more rational understanding and judgment.
              So what is the food trust. The author thinks that the food trust refers to the satisfaction of consumers on food safety in food, it is a kind of psychological perception. Food safety can be used by customers in the consumer food satisfaction to measure. According to the results of research on customer satisfaction of quality management, satisfaction is a reflection of the psychological state of the customer, contrast to it from the customer to the enterprise for some products and services consumption generated feelings with their aspirations for. That is to say "satisfaction" is not an absolute concept, but a relative concept. The perception and expectation level and consumer satisfaction is closely related to my. Factors influencing the perceptions and expectations of assured consumer food includes food prices, income levels, food quality information acquisition, recognition of food safety, food consumption environment feeling and so on, the factors involved are very complicated.
              Food safety and food compliance relationship exists between. Food detection qualified rate is high, the public on the food trust degree is high. But even if the product qualification rate reached 100%, it is difficult to ensure the satisfaction of 100. To raise public awareness of food consumption, sense of security, need to start from many aspects, but also improve the physical quality to strengthen food safety supervision and scientific research, improve the income level of food consumption, improve the environment, correct and improve its on food safety and scientific understanding of consumer habits, a multi pronged, to win the high goal of food safety the.
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